Have we ever decided which kind of tourism do we want in our society? When are we tourists? And when citizens?
These and other questions came up during the execution of this project.

Holding a camera and a microphone and experiencing firsthand what is to be a tourist in Barcelona, I have made this city-analysis trying to become a part of this already called “urban tribe”. I have tried to understand this global phenomenon in an interconnected and datafied world, saturated with images and repetitive patterns.

I don't want to stigmataize the tourist image, but rather analyse their behaviour and show that after all, we are all tourists once in our lifetime. We are all equal in our urge to be immortalized through one or hundreds of images or souvenirs that remind us and prove where have we been and what have we done. We easlily become so obsessed in taking that picture that we forget about living the real experience.Thinking more about the photo instead of living the experience blurs the meaning of the journey.

My project is a web page containing the video-itineraries I have been doing in Barcelona between march and june embedded in an interactive map so that each user can choose the display order.
Additionally, I introduce the whole website tour with a video that collects different moments of the routes I made.
In conclusion, this project is a visual tour of the touristic side of Barcelona, focusing my attention on foreing people who comes to visit the city, their behaviour, their previous expectations and the reality afterwards.

Director and editor: Carme Servalls
Producer: Universitat de Barcelona, Laura Baigorri.